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12" to 15" Multicoloring Flowering Big Leaf Hydrangea

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Flowering Bigleaf Hydrangea 12 - 15  inches  tall Qty-1  Transplant  Starter  seedling

Hydrangea macrophylla is a shade-loving shrub that can produce ball-shaped flower clusters ("Mopheads") or flat clusters of small flowers surrounded by a ring of more prominent flowers ("Lacecaps"). Colors range from white to pink, blue, or purple flowers, depending on the soil's acidity. Blue flowers develop with acidic soil (a pH of 5.0 to 5.5) and pink flowers from alkaline soil pH (6.0 to 6.5). Aluminum sulfate can be added to acidify the soil, and lime to produce a more alkaline soil. It is tolerant of both clay and sandy soil and has some salt tolerance. It is susceptible to damage by deer.

This hydrangea tolerates sun if the soil is kept consistently moist, but performs best in areas with afternoon shade. It blooms during the late spring and summer on the previous year's growth ("old wood")

Bigleaf hydrangea can be used as a hedge , an ornamental shrub, or a potted plant. It  produces large, lush , colorful and nearly -sperical inflorences . The Bigleaf hydrangea is a deciduous shrub native to JapanFlowering Hydrangea transplant seedlings 12inch to 15 inch  tall Qty-1 .. Ready to Ship Transplant starter trees. These seedlings will be wrapped in Moist peat moss and plant gel beads to keep from drying out during shipment. Triple bag wrapped and the n Boxed for priority mail delivery . Excellent for Event favors,.or just to start a tree in your property .. We ship Plants and Evergreens Year round See our Available shipping items on the Web at NurserySeedlings.Co

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